Friday, 31 January 2014

January, sick and tired, you've been hanging on me*...

January has been so wet. So much rain, and then the 'freak storm' or 'mini tornado' (depending on which version you read) that lasted only 10 minutes last Saturday - thunder and lightning, fierce winds, and hailstones! The wet weather, and how bored everyone is with it now, is even more of a topic of conversation at the moment. Pity the poor souls down in Somerset and Dorset who have been flooded out for a month now...

The market always struggles in wet or windy weather, and it was pretty much deserted the other week.

The high street was quiet on market day, with only a few hardy types scurrying damply from shop to shop.

But, a puddle on the lane declared its love - I 'heart' rain!

Down to the wildlife site, via the cemetery, and past some lovely crusted gravestones.

Noticed some lovely mushrooms on a damp log and, elsewhere, there was a bit of pond sorting. You might think that the amount of rain we've had would mean the pond would be full to the brim, but there are splits in the liner, and it needs to be replaced. Meanwhile, George of the jungle has tried to make a little bit more space for amphibians by clearing out some of the weeds.

With yet more rain it was time to make hearty veggie stews, huddle in front of the fire, and enjoy some cookies made by our junior chef next door. No great hardship!

* 'January' by Pilot

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