Sunday, 19 January 2014

Weekends and more water...

Last Sunday morning was beautiful, bright and sunny, so we headed off for a walk across the meadows, hoping it might be a bit drier than the previous week. As we strolled down the hill, a couple were just getting out of their car and told us that a fox had been following us all the way down, and had just moments before gone off down one of the side streets! How could we know? From now on tho', I think we'll occasionally throw a glance over our shoulders just in case we're missing something!

The meadows, almost completely underwater last week, were at least visible, but still very wet under foot - and an occasional foray towards what seemed like a patch of dry grass would lead us into swamp. A father and son were out fishing, and swans were swooping overhead. Mr Drookit got the best pictures of them, looking impressive and big!

We followed a zig-zagging path towards the old railway walk which, while still muddy, was at least less wet. The birds were out in force, singing and flitting around from branch to branch. There were still apples on the trees and conkers on the ground for Mr Drookit to photograph, and our favourite place to stop and look at the swans had him taking more pictures - one can never have too many pictures of swans!

Lots of walkers and muddy dogs. Why are muddy dogs always so keen to rush up and say hello? At least the horses in the fields usually just ignore passersby, whilst inadvertently posing prettily for pictures...and inducing accidental alliteration!

Some folk were out riding their horses - including this one, with a little heart shaved into its rump.

Onto the railway walk, which wends its way through fields and trees, but also looks onto back gardens - like this one with a rowing boat, just in case the water gets high again. There are still trees waiting to be cleared after the storm back in October, but in the meantime making improvised bridges for wildlife.

Back towards the centre of town, and then home. Lovely!

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