Saturday, 1 February 2014

Goodbye to all that...

I'm reading Robert Graves autobiography, Goodbye To All That, having just finished The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey. The latter was recommended by Helen, so I reserved it at the library, picked it up a few days later and finished it a few days after that. Rather lovely - I've returned it to the library already, tho' I wish I'd held on to it for a few more days just to reread some passages.

Goodbye to January - which has felt like the most drookit month ever. Nevertheless, photographic evidence suggests otherwise! On Tuesday I went for a walk with the local tree warden (who notifies the authorities of damaged trees, and asked if I'd help her make a photographic record of trees that might need a tree protection order put on them) and the sky was clearly blue.

Home again, where the light bounced off the onions in a green basin in the kitchen, and it was such a lovely afternoon I was even inspired to make a cake to use up the bananas which had been festering in a bowl for weeks...! I'll draw a veil over the numerous cobwebs suddenly highlighted by the sun slanting through the (absolutely filthy!) windows...

Later, as the light faded, I took some pictures of the apples on the wooden table - soft, muted colour.

Then there was the most amazing evening sky next day - like something by Maxfield Parrish!

On Friday, the week - and the month - drew to a close with a visit to the farmers' market for more colour in the shape of fresh vegetables, and to have lunch there with a couple of friends - always lovely! They were going away for the weekend and, with too much brie in the house, asked if I'd be interested....? Oh, yes! Even if it did make my bag and the fridge very stinky. Mr Drookit gave me quite the suspicious look when I opened the fridge, before I reminded him of what was in there...!

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