Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Catch up...!

If I don't get a move on, I'll still be writing about Christmas in July! It's hard to imagine that Hogmanay has come and gone, spent in the company of good friends, and rowdy children!

Tutu lovely!
Disco inferno!
Food! NOW!
Walks were attempted and abandoned. Even as I write this, it's raining again. Heavily...

The water meadows, fulfilling their purpose...
A visit to the wildlife site reminded me that I do have muscles, but at least the sun came out for us...

Trees down, after the high winds.
A mammoth task, but progress is being made.
Still some colour to be discovered.

Finally, at the weekend, we managed a proper walk and our wellies were given a good workout -  sticks were carried, silly hats worn, pillboxes climbed, and squelching accomplished! We weren't the only ones out - clearly, everyone wanted to get some fresh 2014 air in their lungs.

Wellies washed before going home.
It's not a proper day out if you don't slip in the mud...

Some other folk had the same idea as we did - I like the way they dry off their boots! Happy New Year!

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