Friday, 3 January 2014

Christmas past...

On Monday, we headed off to friends for a few drinks and Christmassy nibbles - they have the sort of properly characterful house that looks perfect all togged out with tree and tinsel.

Stockings round the fireplace.
Even the lamp got in on the act!
On Christmas Eve, we did the usual last minute shopping,  put the presents under our tree, and the Drookit neighbours came round for yet more festive cheer - you can never have too much of that!

Our new Christmas Day tradition is to go to the pub for a lunch time drink - it gets us out of the house for a little while even if the weather is too horrible for a decent walk and, since it's only open from noon until 2pm, it's short and sweet before everyone heads home to start cooking Christmas dinner.

...and you never know who you'll bump into!
It seemed that every dog around town (and these are only a few) sported some sort of festive neck wear!
Boxing Day, and Mr Drookit went off to pick up the Gorgeous Girl to bring her here for a few days - the joy of going on the back of the motorbike might have been slightly tarnished for her, as they got home utterly frozen. Wood burner glowing, and a blanket wrapped around her, helped thaw her out!

One particular Christmas gift helped her work up a sweat later... Sadly, I wasn't quite so good, but Mr Drookit was completely hopeless!

Friday had us entertaining family with a makeshift lunch (the carrot sticks and cucumber disappeared in double quick time - I think everyone was feeling a bit overloaded with carbs!) and then some games. Bananagram is good fun, except when Mr Drookit is playing - he beats everyone, and it all gets a bit mad and frantic! Still, a good end to the week. Even if we all got thoroughly trounced!

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