Wednesday, 22 January 2014

On the road to nowhere...

Out early yesterday morning to deliver the Wildlife magazine (a voluntary thing I do a few times a year) so spent a couple of hours wandering around in the fog - which was surprisingly pleasant!

The ends of roads disappeared, trees loomed out of the grey, and the ends of my hair, sticking out from under my hat, sparkled with droplets of water. Everything felt 'shut down'. I made a detour through the graveyard because there are loads of trees in there and, as I hoped, they looked wonderfully ghostly...

There was a bit of colour around, standing out against the murk, like this lovely little mosaic on one of the gravestones (I accidentally caught the two words on the bottom right - I need to go back and see what else is written there!) and the skeletons of Chinese lanterns in one garden tucked away down a long driveway.

 I had to deliver a magazine to the old vicarage, and the church looked suitably Hammer Horror...

Down towards the river, and over the bridge, where I stopped for quite a while - it looked so mysterious and beautiful. Meanwhile, trucks and cars thundered along behind me, over the bridge - quite a contrast. I crossed over, and on the other side of the bridge a lone duck paddled out from the bank and drifted, a little speck in the distance.

Then, just as I lifted my camera after taking a few shots like this, there was a sudden flash of bright iridescent blue as a kingfisher flew below where I stood and disappeared under the bridge. It's only the second one I've seen, and the first one in flight. So, of course, I crossed back over again to see if I could spot it anywhere on the other side of the bridge, but no... Back over again, for just one more look, but no flash of blue. Still, what a treat to see one!

On the walk home, all the magazines safely delivered, I passed this place - I believe it's now someone's home, but the etched glass in the windows has been preserved from when it used to be a pub. It would be absolutely perfect for me and Mr Drookit...!

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