Friday, 23 August 2013

Wibbling Wools...

Helen told me last weekend that she'd discovered a new yarn shop in Bury St Edmunds, so I had to visit for myself... Wibbling Wools is a lovely little place on Churchgate Street, with a big, light-filled interior and a great cafe - incidentally, it's just a couple of doors along from Painted Country who run great classes on how to use Annie Sloan paints.

As well as shelves filled with colourful yarns, high quality knitting/crochet books and all the usual paraphernalia, the shop runs classes every third Thursday of the month, held in this dedicated space (below). A granny square hippopotamus - why on earth not?

If I lived a little bit closer I'd definitely go along - I met a couple of charming women there the other day who were enthusiastic and interesting, and I bet there are some lively conversations over the knitting needles! The whole place sweeps away the slightly fusty, old-fashioned look that you can sometimes find in some older, long-established, yarn shops, whilst here there is even space to sit and flick through some of the pattern books, perhaps on this beautiful 'rescued' chair, re-covered using a couple of very stylish, and covetable, fabrics.

If your other half isn't quite so enthusiastic about all things wooly, they can always have a cup of tea and read a book whilst you wander round, slightly dazed, murmouring soft 'ooh's and 'aaaah's. The cafe is good value, although for perfection I'd like just a couple of extra veggie options on the menu - although their brie and avocado sandwiches are really delicious. Selling sandwiches from a sawn-off VW van parked in the middle of the shop is quite a show-stopper, and the rest of the cafe is filled with other quirky details, like needle-felted sheep for the table numbers, arrangements of tea cosies and bunches of colourful knitting needles instead of flowers in a vase.

The hand-made cushions, casually strewn on the big leather couch, are things of beauty.

It's clearly the owner's very particular, and joyful, vision and I'm sure the atmosphere of the place would help enthuse a lot of younger knitters and crafters. I will definitely be back, although I might have to wait until I've made a dent in the stack of yarn I already have before I buy any more... Or, as one of the women I spoke to said, 'Naaah. Just buy some more...' Meanwhile, C, who has the attention span of a gnat when it comes to stuff like this, declared that anytime he is in Bury this will be 'his' cafe. Quite a compliment!

ps Just found a very funny blog post which mentions Wibbling Wools - and judging from the picture it was written when they were still at their old location. 

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