Sunday, 4 August 2013


Not quite, although it was billed as 'Little Henley'...

To the 133rd Sudbury International Regatta with the in-laws. Held on a gorgeous, sunny Saturday, with actual traffic jams caused by the number of spectators trying to get into town, young and old, locals and international visitors lined the riverbank - gazebos, picnic baskets and panamas at the ready. A lovely, gentle, even genteel atmosphere, with wry commentary coming over the loudspeakers, and only a very few folk ending up 'in the drink'.

I actually thought I might like to take up rowing, because this looked like a particularly lovely way to spend a day (albeit without the competitive element!).

It was lovely to see so many young people taking part, and enjoying the spectacle. 

The littlest cousin managed to 'ring the bell' before we headed back, and won a prize to take home. Everyone's a winner!

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