Monday, 26 August 2013

Who's a happy little tomato, then...?

The Gorgeous Girl is absolutely tickled to be a big sister (at laaaaast!) to a very beautiful little baby girl. I have no photos to show (I've seen just the one, on facebook) so I will instead share with you a picture of one of the many different types, shapes, colours and sizes of tomato we have accumulated from our own garden, and from our friends' garden (we've been watering their plants while they are away).

I imagine this is how the GG will have reacted to seeing her new sister last week - with an adoring smile, and looking just a little bit rosy-cheeked!

As C said, the new baby is gorgeous (she really is)... but he thinks perhaps not quite as gorgeous as the GG when she was born. This said with a knowing grin, understanding full well that the little one's dad will be thinking that his new daughter is the most gorgeous thing he has ever seen. And, of course, they're both right.

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