Friday, 16 August 2013

Sprightly, in Brightlingsea...

We managed a quick day trip to visit our friends in Brightlingsea, and had our usual 'whatever the weather' walk by the sea. It threatened to rain the whole time, but didn't, so we had wonderful dark, glowering skies, mudflats and metallic grey water on one side, and golden fields on the other, brightening briefly under sudden shafts of sunlight.

Of course, the weather never manages to put off the hardy souls who are determined to enjoy a day by the seaside, and the water was filled with kids, and the water-side with more kids catching crabs. When I asked one mum what they would do with all the crabs in their bucket she looked bewildered for a moment then said, 'Chuck 'em back in!' Poor crabs.

Off to the cafe for lunch, and the best view in town. You'll have to go there yourself, and buy chips, if you want to see what the best view actually looks like...

Then home again, past the beach huts, the gorgeous 'patchworked pine' workshop, hollyhocks, and a crumbling painted and repainted wall, for cherry and almond pie. A grand day out!

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