Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Voulez-vous crochet avec moi, ce soir?

Oh, now - it's not that rude really, is it?

Having finally, finally finished a blanket that I felt okay about (third time lucky...) I have found myself with even tinier balls of cotton yarn left over. I'm thinking tiny little granny squares, perhaps?

I finally settled on this one (above) for the GG's new baby sister after doing one of Lucy's (Attic24) patterns in cotton (below right), messing up the finish, then doing a second (better!) version in acrylic (below left). After all that, with the baby already born, I decided it just wasn't soft enough for a new born, and started again.  Bonkers, I know.

Luckily, this third attempt was quicker (straight lines) and used up the remains of the good stuff (cotton, cotton bamboo, etc) and just felt more appropriate for the new baby's mum, who is not into all the baby pink stuff. I like the apparent randomness of the odd lines of colour (like the hot pink stripe through the red at the bottom of the picture). I've also decided that, like lovely Lucy's creations, it really should have a name. So I'm calling it the Baby Barcode Blanket. There. You read it here first! In an ideal world it would have the wee yin's date of birth/weight, etc, in numbers along the end, like a proper barcode. And be in charcoal grey and white. Hmmmm. I feel another blanket coming on...

I gave both cotton/bamboo blankets to the GG's mum in the end, which means I have the acrylic blanket left over. Any ideas of what to do with it?

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