Saturday, 28 September 2013

Thursday? So am I, let's have a drink...

Camera has been acting up ever since its glory days at London Fashion week, but it has made for some interesting (grainy) shots whilst I try to figure out how to work the thing (we've only had it for a long time, so how can I be expected to know how it works?).

In the garden I noticed that a bush that I hadn't been too impressed with has turned into a bit of a star. It's a caryopteris, and I'd been thinking of taking it out. But C said to give it another year, and so I chopped it right back in the hope of spurring it into some sort of action. These last few weeks it has thrown out lots of very pretty blue flowers which the insects are just loving, since the lavender is finishing. Reprieve, I think.

A sure sign that summer isn't quite over was a friend's choice of outfit on Thursday. I love this!

Later that day, we had friends for an early dinner - which is always lovely. The aftermath always isn't... and yes, this is next morning, as I couldn't face it in the evening! We made 'posh pizza' and apple crumble using our own apples. Yum!

They brought along the last precious bottle of their delicious, award-winning, 2011 vintage, rhubarb and banana wine (first prize in the horticultural show) and left with some of my hot chilli plum chutney and apples from the tree. I think we got the better deal!

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