Wednesday, 25 September 2013

40 is so young...

'Significant' birthdays all over the place at the moment - some have happened already, others we're looking forward to celebrating very soon. The most recent one was this Saturday, and we hotfooted it into London for the day. Both C and I, together and independently, had complete brain melt using the tube - all those years of knowing the tube back to front, which end of the platform to get on the train so that you'd be stepping off opposite the exit, cheeky shortcuts, and the quickest interchange stations involving the least amount of walking through endless tunnels, all lost. Not really - I'm sure if we'd been in less of a hurry, and I hadn't questioned C's carefully planned route, right at the last minute, we'd have had no problems. Sigh.

Squirrel hunting.
The party was, thankfully, a gentle low-key affair, with lots of children running around in a great setting - an award-winning garden, with a big, envy-inducing greenhouse, a pond, and an apple tree dotted with delicious red apples. A little oasis in the middle of south London.

The birthday boy man's PiƱata was destroyed mercilessly, and fallen on by a pack of children. They all walked off with pockets bulging, or improvised kangaroo pouches straining with the weight, dazed with the mere idea of free sweets, and the promise of the coming sugar rush.

The adults, meanwhile, stood or sat, drinks in hand, having proper adult conversations.  'I'd love a utility room...' - 'We've got one! Yesss' (fist pump). Very grown-up behaviour. More of a futility room ours, as it lurches day to day between being almost, vaguely, semi-respectable and, as now, a dumping ground for muddy wellies, mounds of Crocs, bottles, paint pots, step-ladders, lavender cuttings, and washing dangling from the pulley, just at the right, really annoying height... Still. We've got a utility room. Just need to get a greenhouse next.

As with all of these sorts of things, not enough time to talk to old friends properly, but we'll catch up next time... See you for your 50th!

Birdbox. With petted lip.

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