Sunday, 9 March 2014

Marching on...

Oh, dear - where has the time gone? A month since my last post, so lots of catching up to do! I think even I was getting bored with pictures of waterlogged ground, and yet more swans, so had no intention of boring everyone else with more of the same. Nevertheless, we've had some lovely walks and, like it or not, some of the pictures are of the 'Hello trees! Hello sky!' sort...

The Gorgeous Girl visited, and we had a walk across the still waterlogged meadows - she's such a city girl, and was awfully concerned about getting mud splashed on her coat!

We even did a little bit of cutting back in the garden, including the rosemary - so for days the house smelled of it. Delicious.

We walked to Long Melford a few days later, passing a dinky camper van, pretty windows, and then stopping off in the local antiques centre where someone had been up to mischief with some gold lettering... No, not us!

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