Thursday, 20 March 2014

Homeward Bound....

Via Ashbourne, for tea and cake in the St John Street Gallery - some lovely bits and pieces, including paintings and prints by names such as Barbara Rae, and Donald Hamilton Fraser. Of course, we also oohed over a couple of lovely quilts draped over the mezzanine level - we are crafty types, after all. A bit of a grey day, as if to remind us that our holiday was coming to an end.

A pretty little building on the main street.
To Helen's house, which is always a joy for us too infrequent visitors. Mr H had provided several different pizzas with exotic toppings - my new favourite being pear and St Augur cheese, which was just delicious... Haven't made it myself yet, but I will! The best thing about going to their house is doing the wander round... What's changed? Where's the new artwork? How are the chickens?! So, lots of sighs of delight and enthusiasm from me and Karen...!

One of Helen's beautiful artworks on the wall...
Amongst so many other lovely things, a new print on the stairs, some zany sculptures by the boys, and a chance for me to see Karen's gorgeous lap quilt, made for two special 'H' birthdays last year...

One of Helen's beautiful vases, and a gorgeous print by Helen Rhodes.
Cat, crochet, cake and yet more chat - just in case we hadn't managed enough whilst we were away.

And, next morning, before we left, a last look around at all the lovely things, little still life groupings, assemblages, and the chickens. Until next time...! xxx

One of Mr H's fun pics.

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