Saturday, 29 March 2014

Froggy went a-courting...

I visited a friend's house the other week, and she took me for a tour around her garden. I was warned as I stepped out of the back door to mind where I was walking...and it immediately became obvious when I looked down. There were frogs everywhere! Her garden is a wildlife haven, filled with bird boxes, water dishes, feeding stations, and she also has a couple of ponds - one is for frogs, and the other for fish (although frogs can go into the fish pond, of course, but the frog spawn will get eaten) and at this time of year the frogs are absolutely rampant.

How many frogs can you spot? She has counted 50 in this pond at one point!
Those of a delicate disposition should look away now, as these frogs are just shameless!

'Freeze!' Well, no, they were just trying to get up the steps - they got there eventually...

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