Monday, 21 October 2013

Whatever the weather...

There are still flowers in the garden, and bugs aplenty like this Green Shield bug, and the rather scarier looking one below it. When I picked the last of the tomatoes and got rid of the plants, I discovered a moth of some kind amongst the debris.

A rescued plant has bloomed... Just the one flower, and I found this poor bee on its last legs resting, retiring, and eventually expiring on it.

My next door neighbour turned up with a bag of walnuts, fresh from her friends' garden. Not sure yet what to do with them - C doesn't particularly like them and I generally only have them when they're on top of a Walnut Whip (so, not very often at all these days). I will have to do something special with them, tho' - can't waste them!

On Friday I headed off to the wildlife site - it was a misty morning, and every cobweb was covered in dew, highlighting them amidst the greenery. Trees were festooned with them and unexpected corners sparkled with them. I spent almost three hours pulling 'weeds' (that is, one particular foreign import that had taken over and was covering up lots of different sorts of native 'weeds'...) and really should have taken before and after pictures. Very satisfying!

Saturday was apple pressing day. The Transition team set up a stall in town and invited everyone to bring their apples to be chopped, scrunched and pressed into apple juice. A non-stop queue, and a lot of interest from passers-by -  I wonder if it will be even busier next year?

The apple press gave up the ghost after three hours non-stop use, and the last chap to come along had to abandon his bucket of chopped up apples, which was such a shame! The local press (as opposed to the apple press) obviously relished an opportunity to use the punniest of headlines...  Groan...!

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