Monday, 14 October 2013

Sloe wandering...

It's been a bit of a dreich week - rain and clouds have made it dull and cold indoors, and whilst I took some time to cut some curvy lines into the grass to extend the borders, and planted some spring bulbs, I've felt a bit twitchy about not spending more time outdoors. Has this erstwhile city dweller finally turned into a country bumpkin?!

Still, there are good things - the changing colour of the leaves on the damson trees, seeing bright golds and reds amongst the green and, even tho' it means they are coming to the end of their season, enjoying the tiny green buttons left behind after the petals have fallen from the 'Japanese' anemones (actually a native plant of China).

Sunday afternoon saw us heading out to pick some sloes for sloe-gin making. Hardly any to be found last year but now, as with all the fruit this year, there are sloes in abundance. A gentle stroll over to the meadows, passing the cows having a lie down in the damp grass, admiring the festive red berries on the bushes and trees, and skirting puddles that blocked our route.

Loads of sloe berries were gathered and the slow wander home afterwards, laughing and chatting as we went, took us past some apple trees we hadn't spotted before so, of course, we had to pick some! Three different types, and all sweet and juicy. Perfect!

On the home straight the sun finally came out for a short while, and lit up this cheeky rose peering over someone's garden fence to check us out. Lovely stuff. Lovely day.

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