Monday, 7 October 2013

Lazy Sunday afternoon...

Breakfast with our friends this morning - and a whole load of bikers. It's funny seeing all these people in their biking leathers sitting down at tables decorated with fake flowers. We must have looked very dull by comparison (we went by car).

Home to this lot - apples and pears temporarily bunged into crates, until I can sort them, wrap them in paper, and put them in the shed...

Then friends came for a few hours, so off we went for a gentle stroll to enjoy the sunshine. What a beautiful day. Slightly macabre start when we spotted a squished winged thing on the edge of the door and, on the driveway, all that remained of a mouse...


Down to the river, stopping first to help some folk who were trying to move a humungous garden table, carved out of what looked like half a mountain. We joined in with them and the delivery guy, and then grabbed a fit young dad strolling past with his family - ended up with seven of us 'walking' it into position, unavoidably tearing up their lawn in the process... Still, we now have an open invitation to join them if we ever see them having drinks there!

Onwards, down to the bridge over the river, where this lovely thing was basking in the sunshine...  That's better.

We only had three or four James Grieve apples on the tree we planted a year ago, and this is the second to last one which we shared when we got home. Delicious. The last one won't be there too much longer!

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