Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Storm damage...

It was a beautiful crisp, clear day on Sunday - cold enough for hat and gloves for the first time this Autumn - so we had a walk across the water meadows and saw the beginnings of the clear up of fallen and damaged trees.

Given what's just happened in the Philippines,  it seems a bit pathetic to talk about the, relatively, very minor damage around here after the storm the other week. Nevertheless, it's always sad to see majestic old trees uprooted and toppled.

Trees (presumably damaged, or leaning precariously) have been cut and laid across the river, to keep the path clear.

We stopped for lunch, and then headed home through town - the colours singing against the bright blue sky.

We've seen these little mosaics loads of times, all along someone's garden wall, but never photographed them. They always make me smile when I see them - made up of little bits of this and that - the curved edges of dishes, bottle tops, pebbles and so on!

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