Friday, 19 July 2013

You say the 'lido', I say the 'lido'...

Leedo, lydo, leedo, lydo,
Let's call the whole thing off'.

I spoke to a friend the other day about the word lido, which I've always pronounced as 'leedo', but she insists is 'lydo'. However it's pronounced, I like to think of our back garden as a kind of bird spa, with lido, diving boards, sun terrace, breakfast buffet and so on. This morning, for instance, the various bathing pools have been splashed in, drunk from, and generally enjoyed by all the birds who frequent the garden.

The sun is still working its way round the house so the contrast is rather harsh, but I spotted a goldfinch having a drink on the top step, and a sparrow preparing for a bath in the little dish at the bottom - usually used by the baby sparrows, who also use the aloe vera plants off picture to the left as a diving board. There is a slightly larger and more private pool tucked under the lavender bush at the top, which the blackbirds quite often claim as their own. As you can see, solar floodlighting is available for those evening dips. I think of everything.

Over in the rather more exclusive Pear Tree Pool, a blue tit enjoyed having the place all to itself before the junior sparrow rush. If anyone is still not sure what 'drookit' means, observe...

I'm also taking advantage of the weather to wash some linens that will be added to the wedding bunting I've been asked to do. Scraps of tray cloths, unloved because of tea stains (who thought that crisp white linen and dribbling teapots would be a good combination?) and tired and torn lace will be cut up into pennants to add to the mix for a 'shabby chic/country style' wedding. Should be lovely - if I do it properly!

Is it any wonder that allium seed heads feature so often in illustration and design, with their crisp clear silhouettes? Look at this lot taking a bow...

Oh, and yesterday evening, when I was relaxing in the living room, who should poke its head round the door but the big, black moggy? Clearly s/he reads this blog, and took my comment about not chasing it away anymore as an open invitation to stroll in and make itself at home! Ooooh, blimmin' cheek!

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