Tuesday, 2 July 2013


A dear friend of mine has said goodbye for the final time to one of his own oldest and dearest friends.

Time and geography can mean that we sometimes have discrete groups of friends who only ever meet on the big occasions - weddings, special birthdays, or funerals. Happily, new friendships sometimes emerge. Other times the miles between us mean that we only ever hear about these others, the friends of our friends, once in a while - but all the while knowing that if your friend loves them, then they are probably worth loving. And so it was with Di. I met her a handful of times, perhaps. She was, like everyone in that wonderful crowd, a good person - warm, welcoming, charming and funny. I met her mostly at joyous occasions and perhaps that's why, when I conjure her face, she is smiling. As memories go, that'll do.

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