Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Green and pleasant....

I've never been to an Open Gardens event before, so this weekend was a delight, as we discovered how much fun it is to wander round other people's gardens, pinching ideas and chatting to proud gardeners willing to share their knowledge. I discovered the names of plants growing in our garden, which will make it easier to check on how to care for them. For instance, we inherited some Iris Germanica growing in the shade, and not flowering - they are coming out, and will be replanted somewhere with a bit more sunshine. The little plant that is growing everywhere, very prettily, isn't a weed after all, but something called Sweet Woodruff. It apparently smells of vanilla once cut and dried, and can be used as an air freshener or used in wardrobes to scent clothes, a bit like lavender.

The village looks like a toy town imagining of a perfect English village, as can be seen from the top of the church tower. C took charge of the camera for this bit - I had to concentrate on getting up there.

The clock tower with medieval wooden fixings.
Another accidental Union Flag albeit it on its side!
Some (very) old graffiti.
It was a perilous climb for one as wimpish as I am, round the worn steps of the tower and up an almost vertical step ladder. Makes the heart beat faster for a couple of reasons!

But what a view once you're up there! It happened, luckily, to be a glorious day and we could see for miles, as well as down into the gardens we'd already visited, like this one below.

There were grand, stately gardens with enough space for ponds, chickens, vegetables, and even a river running through, and gardens contained in tiny back yards. Some were formal, some little more than fields with paths mowed through, that took advantage of the stunning views beyond. All were brimming with colour and ideas, and all of them induced sighs of pleasure, for one reason or another.

This garden above looks onto a view worthy of a Richard Curtis film, probably involving weddings...just idyllic! As for the others, here is just a selection...

That evening, C took some pictures of our own garden as the sun was setting. Perhaps we could take part in an Open Gardens event.... one day!

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