Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Classic or cliché...?

With every hedge brimming over with cow parsley I shouldn't have been too surprised to find a stalk of it in our garden, hidden behind the pear tree long enough for it to grow taller than I am. This article gives a little more information about it, including its lovely Suffolk name - Cow Mumble! I think my favourite name for it is Queen Anne's Lace, which does conjure up the delicate, white, frothy loveliness of it. It's pretty stuff, but I didn't really want it taking over the garden, so out it came (although I probably did a better job of sprinkling the seeds everywhere when I yanked it out than it could ever have managed on its this space).

Rather than put it in the garden waste bin, it ended up in a vase on the table. Hence the post title - is this a classic look or a cliché? Even the checked curtains are a little Laura Ashley circa 1973! Still, I'm happy to embrace the whole country look at the moment. We tried going a little bit edgy by painting the garden bench black to match the shed, but soon discovered there's a reason garden benches are allowed to weather gracefully and go grey - it works as a much better camouflage for all the bird poo!

It's also the time of year when walking around the garden needs a little bit more vigilance - baby birds everywhere, and almost catastrophically underfoot. I'd forgotten what tiny balls of fluff baby sparrows are, and almost invisible until you hear the mad scrabble as they disappear into the safety of the bushes! The other day a baby starling was determined to get into the studio via the (closed) garden doors, flapping and chirping, presumably at its reflection in the glass, and then spent the next ten minutes noisily demolishing the careless pyramids of plastic plant pots under the potting bench, as it hopped about trying to get a foothold. Of course, it won't be too long before we're inundated with the equivalent of teenage hoodlums at the bird table - last year we'd sometimes have more than 20 young starlings all ready to 'have a go' with any bird getting in the way of the seed. I don't think the garden bench is safe yet...

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