Friday, 6 December 2013


It's really starting to get chilly around here, although we're fortunate not to have suffered the storms and flooding of other parts of the country. My niece has been here for the week (she's off to London for the weekend, and is back again next week) so we've all been hunkering down in front of the wood-burner in the evenings, only venturing out of the front room if absolutely necessary! She's studying for exams, but we took yesterday off to head into Lavenham for a wander, and lunch.

We went to Munnings tea room in the Crooked House, same place we took some friends last time. Carrot and orange soup, enormous warm cheese scones, cheese and chutney on the side... Delicious.

Not the Crooked House, just one of several others...

The sun came out just as we arrived, so we ambled around quite happily, and I tried to sound knowledgeable while trying to remember anything we'd been told when Mr Drookit and I took a guided tour of the village a year or so ago.

We even wandered past the house where Harry Potter was born (well, in the films!) which I didn't realise until I got home and checked!
Harry Potter's 'birthplace'. No, really!
The famous Suffolk Pink looks as if it might be usurped by this beautiful orange/yellow wash (also featured on the Little Hall in the top picture).

Waiting for the bus to go home, with 10 minutes to spare, a chum stopped and offered us a lift, so we ended up being home five minutes after the bus would only just have left the bus stop. A little bit of Hogwarts wizardry must've rubbed off on us - excellent!

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